Abochie-rella and the Seven Dwarfs

Master: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? Mirror: I beg you, Master, please forget it. Even if I show her to you, it will be a futile whetting of your appetite. Her class, you cannot maintain. Her fervour, you cannot contain. * * * Abochie was suffering. The thirty-four-year-old... Continue Reading →


The Angel’s Nemesis

It is easy to solve most problems... so long as they are not yours. Ask King Solomon. * * * Bordetella was simply a thorn in the flesh of Miss Othello, and the girls at the fashion school. He had single-handedly forced a close down of the school twice in one year. The Rapist of... Continue Reading →

For Ever or Worse

If you had to choose one flaw in a life partner, what would it be? A raw temper, or bad breath? Deep-set racial sentiments, or indifference towards the things that matter to you? Well... * * * My husband left. Suddenly. I know it was all my fault. But I love him. I really do.... Continue Reading →

The Miraculous Disease

What makes a marriage tick? Honesty, grace, transparency, determination, tact? Or is there something more? I’m tempted to assume the latter… *** The flamboyant display of affection and loyalty by Dawson and Arabel, after twenty years of marriage, is a spectacle to behold. They are such a joy to watch. Pretty enviable. Many have wondered... Continue Reading →

One and a Half Men

Agoxo, the Lion-Slayer, was the Hunter of Hunters, the Scourge of the Wild, a monster's nightmare, a beast's regret. He was a bogeyman's bogeyman, the fire that lit Shere Khan's tail, the reason why wolves die famished. At the mention of his name sabretooths bowed; mammoths grew extinct; dragons preferred to be called flies when... Continue Reading →

Sentimental Solutions

The Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School - the threshold of vibrant academia, inspirational leadership, seasoned theology, and mastery of the craft of gentlemanliness... true. Yet life, in that boarding house, without contrasting variety, would simply have been boring! Kusovo and Mulato were the noisiest pair in the dormitories of House Nine ; from pillow fights to... Continue Reading →

Babysitting a man-Billy the Goat

Billy Best was an incurable optimist, the life of any party, a man for the stage, always living in the moment, with never a care in the world, and with nothing that could possibly ruin his affable mood. Benson, his room mate at the training college, was a conscientious, calculating, intelligent yet reserved fellow. The... Continue Reading →

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