The Shit Bomber

Every high school has a host of tales that makes boarding life uniquely exciting, however untrue. I remember a couple from mine. Do you? * * * We loved our economics lecturer, Mr Truman, to a fault. I mean, he was the best: Always on time, had an abundance of patience, and kept the neatest... Continue Reading →



Women? You fear women? You're kidding, right? All these suits you've been wearing, and weights you've been lifting... I thought you'd be afraid of something more dreadful, like bullets or even dogs. Then my friend, sorry, but you will not survive here. In fact, you will run away, because this nation is the land of... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games

Look at this boy too. I invited you to come and eat with me, but you are eating faster than me - as if you bought the food. You will not even show restraint. Why do you make kindness so difficult? It is okay, stop eating. * * * It was my first date, after... Continue Reading →

Adamant Cacophony

You know you've goofed up big time: You knew you can't sing. But you wanted your fifteen minutes of fame, and now you've regretted it. But we can cash in on that flop. All it takes is a social media account and good timing. Remember, any publicity is good publicity. So just be bold, and... Continue Reading →

Legally Waterproof

Good lawyers know the law. Better lawyers know the judge. The best lawyers settle out of court. But deep pockets, undisputedly, may buy a verdict. * * * One yardstick by which good lawyers are distinguished is by the number of cases they have won. Daphne Rivers had won none. Indeed, the thirteen cases she... Continue Reading →

A Serious Joke

It has been a wonderful year...full of laughs, of ups and of downs. If you had one shot at it, what will you change? I know I'd love more family time...You? See you next year! * * * I adopted and raised Kiki and his sister single-handedly. They have grown to be my best friends.... Continue Reading →

A Fur Deal

My husband keeps on stroking that single hair on his jaw. He combs it, sprays it, talks to it and all but cuts it. He says he has had it for ten years, and is hoping that someday he will develop a full-grown Santa-like beard. It annoys me. * * * After high school, I... Continue Reading →

The Tramp Stamp

If I paid you ten thousand dollars, to have your eyeballs tattooed, will you? And if I paid ten thousand more, will you have your gums pierced? Those who answered no... is it your principle, or is my price too low? * * * It is never true that Mrs Peaman has no son. But... Continue Reading →

The Love Triangle

Your Honour, the sex between my client and the plaintiff was consensual - because even though she was not of legal age, just look at her! Which man, in his elements, cannot see a woman begging to be satisfied? And is her age plastered on her forehead? She asked for it. * * *... Continue Reading →

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