The Last Warning

My high-maintenance ex-girlfriend just got married, and I have never been happier! The bloodsucker tried to change get me to make her my one and only. I was dumped a week to the wedding, and quite frankly, I feel like a renowned escape artist! * * * "My unfortunate son-in-law to be, sit down... Continue Reading →


Irreversible Damage

Are you crazy? Divorce? Divorce all this money? No! No! No! Just pretend! Pretend everything is okay. Stand by his side through thick and thin. God will make a way. But if you leave, he will find someone to spend all that money with. Take heart. * * * Daddy died in a fire...that is... Continue Reading →

Unquenchable Thirst 

Daddy Lord, help me escape this prison, as you did for Peter, Paul, and Silas in the Bible. Show me that I am your child too, on this Father's Day. Amen. * * * He was shot twice in the thigh as he tried to flee. This was his first job since escaping from prison... Continue Reading →

Living the Dream

My tastes are too high for you - my wardrobe, only designer wear; my garage, nothing but Bentleys; my toilet is gold-plated; my puppies are on a diet; my doors are voice activated; work and assignments? I can pay to get them done. You know why you think I'm wasteful? Because you can't afford it.... Continue Reading →

Dancing With Betrayal

If you could turn back the hands of time, when would you reset the clock to? * * * There were four ghosts seated on the moist forest floor. Three of them begged to be given one chance more. Two could do nothing about the frustration they felt, at what was their first taste of... Continue Reading →

So who is exploiting who? 

It was a blessed day. It could have been good, but you, Facebook fam, made it great! The music was good, the jollof is finished, I had no mercy on the kebabs, and I popped the champagne bottle empty. All I can leave you with, for now, is a thank you note, and this piece...... Continue Reading →

When Santa wore black

Go and tell my family, That I am a poor man. Tell them I'm a bellboy, or even worse, a doorman. Send this message, simple And please show no dimple That I'm as worthless as a UFO And that I've lost my job as CEO. * * * I have spent two hundred thousand dollars... Continue Reading →

The Devoted Friend

You cannot punish a cheat. You can only re-condition him. - Psych 201 * * * She caught us red handed in the shower. But I had an agenda...that was the plan... Yaadom and I go a long way back. We were the best of friends in high school; roomies at uni; I was her... Continue Reading →

Sanity for Riches

There are only five ways of making money from scratch : Steal it, borrow it, earn it, inherit it, or win a lottery. Now, those of you who have attained wealth through other means ... care to share? * * * I had nothing. I was doing a day job as a guard, and attempting... Continue Reading →

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