An Unaccepted Variety of Genius

Who would have thought, that things would end this way? Mr Billson and son were the best of friends... father affectionately called his son Juniour, and son affectionately referred to father as Dadylums. The two spent the greater fraction of their moments together, as Juniour had no mother, and Dadylums was not prepared for another.... Continue Reading →


Double Trouble To Untangle

In the unlikely event that you fall prey to such a child, my sister, flee. Flee before you pray. Not the other way around. You think all children are innocent, pure creatures? Filled with joy and happiness? I know you've found love in him, but ... These eight men had been accused of rape. They... Continue Reading →

Tales of a Man’s World

Before you begin to judge or criticize me, why don't you get to know a little bit about me? At least who I was before my problems began. The name is Bennett. I was a hard core, flaw filled, die-hard hedonist. I lived for pleasure. Drugs, alcohol, strippers, all night long. I worked as a... Continue Reading →


Nothing can prepare you for this - highest honours today, dismissed from work tomorrow. The most painful way to lose a job, in his experience, was by mass retrenchment. There was no humanity in it. Never wish it on your enemies. He had just been laid off from his job as a systems analyst. Only... Continue Reading →

Tales of the Hangover

His name was Rough Tactics. If you attended the premier university of the land, and you never heard of this Titan of Economics, then you missed. You really missed. Rough Tactics was the epitome of applied principles. He wore a tie and a pair of overly ironed trousers, and his shoes were never dirty, even... Continue Reading →

When to Read Your EULA

1891- Bucharest, Romania He was genuinely elated when he was informed of his arranged marriage to the countess. He cherished his new family, and really wanted to give something back, for the blessing they had been to him. Roger was adopted at the ripe old age of eighteen, by a reasonably wealthy family, the McGuires,... Continue Reading →

Judas- The Chosen One

The Backseat Disciples, the secret society, were a gang of trained assassins, who made a fortune working for the bourgeois and upward of the land. The hitmen were twelve in number, and were code-named after the Apostles of Jesus. About six months ago, they lost Judas on a mission, and had to find a replacement... Continue Reading →

Notoriously Gay

The fiercest interschools rivalry that existed at the time was probably that between Prempeh College and Opoku Ware Secondary School(Owass). From SSCE rankings, to sports, to the Ashanti Regional Maths Contest to... you name it. Even the village folk knew of this, and every home wished they could boast of an alumnus. Arguably, Prempeh College... Continue Reading →

When there are no Plan B’s

The man on the ledge, on the twenty-second floor of the Ambassador Hotel was no stranger to attention. With tarted clothes, unkempt hair and that awful smell, he could easily have passed for just another junkie ... Well he was a junkie, but he was also the hotelier's son. This had been his method, since... Continue Reading →

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