The Blonde Moments of a Twisted Talent

When you feel all rotten, And the chips are down. When the game is up, And your mettle is broken. When the odds are ever against you, And the fight is truly lost. You can call on me: I remain the option. Surely, I, will not fail you, where Life has. For 'tis only I,... Continue Reading →


The Temperature of Truth 

The biggest mistake a playboy can ever make, is to believe his own lies and innuendoes. This is a rookie error of disproportionate stupidity... For against such, there is no redemption. - Pick-Up Art 101 * * * The irate mob chased him down the grassland as he swerved and twirled with unrehearsed dexterity. There... Continue Reading →

When Persuation Fails

You say skimpy clothes attract you to fondle women. You claim nakedness is a recipe for rape. You think harassment is a compliment. Kneel down! Today I will show you something. You will not leave here the same. You will not even have the eyes to tempt you! * * * When Afrakoma, the secretary,... Continue Reading →

The Dreamwalker

Wake up, wake up! Fraudster! Over the past few weeks, you have been mentioning the name of some woman, whilst asleep... Sofi my love, Sofi my boo... Yesterday, you said clearly, still asleep, that you will get rid of me if she wanted. You? Jobless and unashamed, and cheating on me? Pack your things and... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Divas 

Dear counselor, when she asked me if she was beautiful, I told her I saw nothing but the purest inner beauty in her. I was being honest. But she gave me a slap so dirty that I lost my two front teeth. What did I do wrong? Isn't inner beauty a compliment? She is behaving... Continue Reading →

My Mother’s Plan

If one lie could keep you happily married for a long, long time, would you tell the truth? If another lie, could keep you very rich forever, would you confess? And how would you treat anyone who reveals your secret? Would he be a traitor, or a saint? * * * I could only vaguely... Continue Reading →

A Personal Plague

Look into the pot. Deeper, deeper. Yes, that ring at the bottom, which you see... tell me everything you can recall about it...Your ancestor is trying to tell us something! * * * The venerable mallam had made a circus of the boardroom. He was now, performing an armstand and striding across the long table... Continue Reading →

The Last Chance

Husband : Darling, go home...my sweet wife is here! Darling : Is she here? Then I have nothing to fear! Come, my dear bod, let's do it one more time - then I'll expose all your sorry lies... * * * Standing at the entrance, and dressed in his favourite nightie, she assumed a pose... Continue Reading →

A Fitting Elegy

We sell different body parts, for different purposes - medical, spiritual, you name it. We don't ask any questions - just pay the right price: Some dead body parts are worth more than the living, and we have them all. * * * Our mother lived to the age of a hundred. She was very... Continue Reading →

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