Keeping Up Appearances

Why are you so stingy? Can't you forgive a small loan of five hundred thousand dollars? You have been calling me all day. I don't have your money. You can sell me. Just sell me okay. * * * He froze. Time froze. Everything froze. He had left his body again, something that had become... Continue Reading →


The Art of Imperfection

Between 8 pm and 6 am, I bath ten times. Every day, I change my clothes ten times. I make sure to laugh only ten times in a day. I take no more than ten-minute breaks at work. So, my dear wife, why can't you do the same? * * * My dear wife, Minellepi,... Continue Reading →

My Double called Trouble

I am a woman. I am sweet, sophisticated and special. I am the best thing that will ever happen to you. But I have an elastic limit. If you exceed it, you may not recognize me again. This is not a threat. It is your last warning. * * * A disease that causes worrying?... Continue Reading →

No time for dessert

Madam, listen! I brought you here to eat. Eat, not chat. Eat, not joke. Eat, not argue! This is a buffet. I've only taken seven balls of rice and you are staring at me like a corpse. Wait until I get to the main course. Don't waste my money. Stop breathing and eat! * *... Continue Reading →

Wife Wars

Tenants are funny: Your children are in private schools and mine are not. You have three cars, but I am still walking. You have big testimonies, but you fear the small water bill. So I raise the rent, that we may be at par... Then you start calling for meetings and start passing funny rumours... Continue Reading →

Metaphysical Solutions

If your husband could perform, would I be here, in your matrimonial bed? Did I come to you, or you came to me? It is your destiny, young lady. Now submit! Do not anger the Ancient One! I am not a rapist. * * * "Repeat yourself!", a voice boomed from within the walls of... Continue Reading →

Wanted: The King of Thieves

Whoever stole my car (yes, you know yourself), please come for the spare keys and spare tyres in addition okay...I have no need of them. *** Casca was still a little dazed. He'd had a lot of fun the previous night. The temperature in the hotel room was just right for more rest... his clothes... Continue Reading →

Fired? I quit! 

Brutus! Have you fed Shmu this morning? Brutus! Have you taken Shmu for a bath? Brutus! Why isn't Shmu in her special leather jacket? Brutus, Shmu shed her skin and you didn't inform me? Brutus, you're scaring her. Shmuuu...Nooo... Brutuuu...s, you're fired! * * * "She is suing me because I looked on, as her... Continue Reading →

The Golden Rule: Compliance

Spiritual warfare is no laughing matter. Yesterday, a chained, demon possessed man I had barely exorcised almost choked me to death. Because of that, some unbelievers are making fun of me. Have you not heard of occupational hazards? And do you not know that some miracles can be reversed? * * * She leaped from... Continue Reading →

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