The thousandth reason to flee free lunch 

You allow me to tease you all day, and play with the hair on your chest all night. You see me undress and watch me bath. Then you watch me wear a transparent lingerie; with rose petals on my bed; perfumed candles laced with classical tunes... And all you do is watch? Are you not... Continue Reading →


No Weapon

School is fun - interschools contests; the characters, the hot gossip; the latest this and the slacking that; teasing and being teased; getting hooked, and waiting tirelessly for the latest twists in a tale! But CLASSES are boring, and EXAMS ruin everything... - Just Being Honest * * * " Do you know why I... Continue Reading →

Wheels of Misfortune

Is it because of five hundred cedis, that you came knocking on my door at dawn; only five hundred cedis? Even those I owe millions show me proper respect. Look here, if you don't come and apologize, in front of my kids, I won't pay! I repeat... if you like, take me to court. -... Continue Reading →

The Broken Cash Machine

I told you he was a cheat. I told you to be careful. Now you are here crying. Seven years of marriage, six other women, and you didn't know? Come here my dear. Weep on my shoulder. That man is a pig! Anyway, I have also been sleeping with him. Even last night. - Breaking... Continue Reading →

The Sleepless Night

My daughter, in your dream you will see a black door. Do not enter. And do not wake up. If you enter, you will never wake up again, and if you wake up, you will remain barren. It is a trap from my sisters. And yes, do not pray. If you do, it will hurt... Continue Reading →


Wake up Ghana, you are sleeping again! You don't rule half the Earth. And you've not won a World War, You don't have a World Title ...Not turned gold, however black, into wealth for your people! You've barely gained independence, And you're already being re-colonized. - The Striker. * * * He rolled up his... Continue Reading →

No Beer In Heaven

Dripple: Dad, how does one die so happy...with a grin from ear to ear... and eyes glittering with joy, like that jolly corpse lying over here? Droopy: Don't know son. Certainly not from Scooby snacks. - The Master Detective Hound * * * If you are serious about getting dirty work done for you, don't... Continue Reading →

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